Sunday, May 18, 2008

All in a day's work

My varied and interesting work continues.

This past week, I participated in MOCC training, a course to become certified in motorboat operation. It was truly one of the best classes I have ever taken. Not only did we practice donning gumby suits (survival suits), we got to swim around in the water in them! The goal was to get into one in under 2 minutes ... not an easy task, but one I was able to do.

(Sidenote: for fun, one of my friend's and her husband have contests for this sort of thing -- the one who goes fishing in his survival suit. She holds the household record of 45-seconds.)

See some of my "work" pictures, including Petersburg touring, float plane ride and skiff operation.

I drove a 16-ft skiff (motorboat) around all week and backed a trailer with a boat loaded on it in and around the parking lot. I learned how to tie all sorts of boating knots, how to dock a boat and how to dock a boat in reverse!

This coming week, I'll be taking my Vista leader on a tour of Gustavus, taking a kayak safety class, taking the skiff out for more "practice" and hopefully riding out to the cruise ships for what's known as a "transfer".

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Doogman said...

So, when I see you next I can, in all good conscience say.... (wait for it) HEY SAILOR!!!!