Sunday, August 5, 2012

Summer photos from Kodiak

With nearly 20 hours of daylight in June and July, we have been going, going, going. Thus, the lack of blog activity. Work all day, then go fishing, process fish, entertain friends or look for bears.

Here are some recent and catch-up photos to enjoy.

  • Kodiak summer, with shots of the bee/hornet killer, a deer investigating our grill, fishing adventures and buffalo.
  • Fishing and wildlife, with photos of whales, puffins, sea otters and more, plus our fishing adventures with halibut, salmon, gill netting and more.
  • Hanging out ... with a hike on Father's Day and horseshoe playing, gardening (with Robin's first and only tomato), a bowling party, Mother's Day snowstorm and a bowling party (Robin got to use his new bowling ball that he's been moving around for seven years for the first time).