Friday, May 27, 2011

Sun up to sun down

The days are lengthening and our crazy pace continues with househunting, boat shopping and more. Days are currently 17 and a half hours long and gaining more than 3 minutes a day. Sunrise is about 5:25 am and doesn't set until 10:49 pm.

This weekend kicks off the summer season with Crab Fest, one of the most popular Kodiak events of the year. Robin and I plan to drive this year's float for the Refuge so stay tuned for what are sure to be some spectacular photos!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Monday, May 9, 2011

Salmon camp

Today is my "official" start date as the Salmon Camp Director for Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge. This is a summer science camp program for kindergarten through 8th grade. Started in 1996, this very popular program is the largest science-based camp in Alaska. It is one of the Refuge's top five environmental education programs in the nation.

Fortunately, I have three college interns to help me with a new group of 18 kids each week.

About the camp
More camp info
Alaska Geographic (camp co-sponsors)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Shotgun slinger

Ah, Alaska. Ya gotta love it.

I signed up as a volunteer with the Fish and Wildlife Service and they also hired me to be this year's salmon camp director! Whooo hoooo!!! One of the training courses is becoming "shotgun certified." Depending on how good of a shot you are, this enables you to either carry a shotgun to protect yourself in the field or carry a shotgun to protect yourself ~and others~ in the field.

The testing part is pretty fun, although my shoulder was sore after shooting about 30 rounds, including 8 big, powerful slugs. You have a stationary target: a bear poster stapled to plywood. You then test on a moving target: a bear poster stapled to plywood, rigged up on a pulley and it's coming at you! Aaahhhrrrgghh!

I actually qualified to carry to protect myself ~and~ others (although I'm not sure that is a good thing). Robin, of course, qualified to protect everyone.