Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Valentine's Day Wedding

We decided to make it official and get married in a small ceremony on Valentine's Day.

We were married in the chapel on stage at The Lost Colony waterside theater, along with our officiant Carl, Kelly and Joe (our two witnesses), friends from the area and a whole slew of Park employees. Larissa volunteered to take photos and we have more than 400 of the wedding and reception!

See a mere 70-some of these photos.

The weather cooperated, with sunny skies, breezy breezes (it was blowing around 20 mph) and temperatures around 60. Robin and I wrote our ceremony and vows. It was very heartfelt, sincere and wonderful. (I could not ask for a better husband because he is the greatest...Robin says "ditto" for him.)

We kept it informal, "Outer Banks Style". I wore a scarf from my mom around my waist and a bracelet from Robin's mom around my wrist.

The people from the park surprised us with a reception, complete with wedding cake, champagne and gifts. It was wonderful. We could not have planned a better celebration.

We do, however, plan to have an Alaskan Celebration on July 25 in mark you calendars! You are invited.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Quote of the day

"I may be full of something but I don't think it's wisdom."

My response to Robin when he said I was full of wisdom