Friday, March 19, 2010

Regulation, regulation

Robin is taking a water treatment certification class for the state of North Carolina. In this weirdly over-regulated state, they require a high school transcript in order to register for the test. Yep, a transcript just to take the test.

We ordered his transcript. Robin had so many approved and unapproved absences, I am not sure how he actually graduated. Based on his attendance, he was hardly ever in class.

"People needed a lot of help with their cows," he said. "That's how I got all of those approved. People would call in when I was hunting or fishing and say my cows got out again." It didn't hurt that he plied his principal and teachers with meat and fish!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Windy Wanchese

Instead of snow days, they have wind days around here. It was so windy here the other week they canceled school. Between the high winds, surf and tides, roads were flooding and washing out. The school buses couldn't get through. They sent the kids home early and canceled school the next day.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Like Christmas

The movers delivered ~most~ of our household stuff. The only things missing (so far) are our motorcycle key, a table, a marine cooler full of stuff and another big box full of what I'm sure is very important stuff (although I have literally no idea because we haven't unpacked everything yet).

It's like Christmas opening all these boxes, some of which have been packed since Alaska!

The movers provide an itemized inventory list we signed off on in Key West. When we were reviewing the items prior to their arrival, we were very intrigued by one listing: an "exercise stepper." We don't own an exercise stepper and had no idea what they could have listed as one. The answer: A foam archery target.

So far, only a few things are ruined. I'll be taking pictures and filling out paperwork on all that. For now, back to the boxes!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


The local hospital hosts an annual, themed event for a fundraiser. Known as The Gala, all the highfalutin members of society attend. (Plus a few not-so-highfalutin.) This year's theme was Paris. (Last year's theme was James Bond and next year's is Egypt.)

It's held at the Wright Brothers Pavilion and Robin had to staff it. I got to volunteer. Whooowheee! (At least for me because I could drink but Robin couldn't.)

Actually, it's a wonderful event. The community really gets excited about it and it's great for the hospital. Part of the event is the ever-popular silent auction. It was our first silent auction and we went crazy bidding on items. It was fun. We were the proud new owners of, what else? A new surf rod!

See some photos of uhh, Robin's rod, the Eiffel Tower and what the rest of the decorations looked like.