Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sand ceremony

What a journey these past four years have been! Alaska. Florida. North Carolina and back to Alaska!

We celebrated with a party and a sand ceremony, an Outer Banks, North Carolina tradition. During the ceremony, we poured two individual containers of sand into one. We also drank a special "unity" wine my sister Mary brought with her from Pennsylvania.

We had the ceremony in a lagoon near an island around Kodiak. My dress came from Colorado (Robin bought it without me and it fit to a T!). His tux was borrowed from the local dry cleaner, and it happened to fit to a T! Of course, what would an Alaskan celebration be without Xtra Tuffs, decorated by our friends Hal and Lindy.

See a few pictures, narrowed down from the hundred taken that day.


Doogman said...

I just LOVE reading your blog. Why don't you two have your own tv show yet??

KIA said...

I guess we're just not the reality TV show type. We're not nasty or fat or rich enough!